Photo taken at MOCCA (The Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art), March 2013. For a link to museum's shows for that year, click here.

P.D. Walter (Peter, if you prefer) is an author of novels, screenplays, short stories and non-fiction pieces based in Toronto, Canada.

His 2016 novella ‘Adultescence’ deals with the struggle of young creatives to overcome their influences while fighting off adulthood until it’s almost too late. It is available at

He is the winner of Broken Pencil magazine’s 2017 Indie Writer’s Death Match (, to which he contributed the aptly named ‘Sick to Death of Stories.’

And his short story ‘Temporary Adhesions’, excerpted from the (as yet unpublished) novel ‘Twilight of the Adults’, appears in the 2017 Saints & Sinners Anthology, released as part of the Tennessee Williams / New Orleans Literary Festival.

Seeking Representation

P. D. Walter is seeking representation for the novella 'Adultescence' (2016) and its parent novel 'Twilight of the Adults', as well as a previous novel (2007), two screenplays, and other writing. If you are an interested agent or publisher, please contact him at or reach out on twitter @PDWalter.