Living Room Book Parties

HAMILTON - September 16, 2016

Who needs a launch with friends like these? Thanks to Maja and Deborah Grace (from Steel City Stories and Edit a Blank Page) for throwing me my first living room book party in Hamilton a few weeks ago.

In the spirit of maritime kitchen parties and home concerts, guests were treated to an amazing array of cheese and crackers, wine, two readings - one with audience participation - and two social games (Literary Trivia and Book / Movie Bingo) with prizes. What a fun way to celebrate a book! 

TORONTO - October 14, 2016

Book Party 2.0 took place this past week (Oct. 14) in Toronto. Once again, it was lot of fun to see such a great bunch of friends and supporters, some of whom were involved in helping me edit, promote or share with their book clubs my previous book ten years ago. I just wish I'd taken some pictures of the food, 'cause it was a nice spread! Oh, well - next time. 

  More happy readers, autograph seekers, and old friends. 

More happy readers, autograph seekers, and old friends. 


Do you belong to a book club, writers group or other self-organized social group that would enjoy an evening of literary entertainment? Do you have a living room where you would you like to host your own book party for 'Adultescence'? 

If you are in the greater Toronto area, or within a 2-hour drive from Toronto, we can make it happen! Just reach out to me via email ( or twitter.

All you need to provide is the spacesome snacks, and a local group of guests (anywhere from 10 to 30, depending on what your space - and budget! - can accommodate) and I'll arrive with books, games, prizes and entertainment enough to make it a more than memorable night.