“You know, children consume things. Adults produce them. You went to film school. When are you going to stop being a critic and start making your own stuff?”

Wise female words to wound the heart of any would-be screenwriter. Natheny Baruwal (26) is the ultimate disgruntled fan, busy revenging himself on famed movie director Frank Castle for his worse-than-horrible prequel. But to escape the Master’s influence, he must be bested, outdone, defeated on his own turf.

Unfortunately, Nathe is also locked in a legal battle with his mother over her half-renovated McMansion and the ugly divorce it triggered. But the women in his life have more to teach him than he’s ready to be taught. And as he may yet learn, revenge has a way of biting back.

Is he really writing that screenplay? Or is it, like the house itself, merely a façade that’s forever threatening to collapse? Find out as his story converges with those of four friends, all groping toward their own 21st-century adulthoods, in this hilarious and moving tale of maturity delayed until it’s almost too late.

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Everyone has a secret they want desperately to tell...

Lief Gabrels is a promising young urban planner working toward a day when his city won't have to apologize for itself as "a second-rate wannabe New York."  When his twin brother Roan dies suddenly in Tokyo, Lief and his mother Meredith must make an agonizing journey to Japan.  They return with more questions than answers after settling Roan's unsettling affairs.

Natheny Baruwal, Lief's childhood friend, is a computer programmer with Hollywood dreams who lives in a cavernous McMansion left in legal limbo after his parents' divorce.  Is he really working on that screenplay, or is it merely a facade that, like the house itself, is forever threatening to collapse?

Josh Chiang, Lief's roommate (and Roan's ex-), is an aspiring photographer with family problems of his own who just hopes his long romantic dry spell is coming to an end.

Clarke Anna Coates, an activist (and Lief's university flame), has relocated to his hometown just in time to clash with him over his firm's controversial public housing project.

By turns hilarious and heartbreaking, TWILIGHT OF THE ADULTS is the sprawling tale of a city and a group of twenty-somethings struggling heroically to grow up.  Political intrigue, Internet perils, career anxieties, relationship troubles, aging parents, questions of identity and the limits of friendship frame this ambitious tragicomic novel from author P. D. Walter.

Read excerpts: 'Opening Day', 'Yesterday's Heroes' and 'The Book Dump'. 

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